Friday, April 8, 2011

The A - Z April Challenge: G

G is for Giraffe
Giraffes delighted me in Africa. They were plentiful on the savannah, feeding on the leaves of tall acacia trees 
 that only they could reach. I loved their lanky gait, their  impressive height, and the slow way they moved from branch to branch, their eighteen-inch tongues delicately
able to avoid sharp spines and select only the most succulent leaves.

The tallest land animal in
the world, male
 African Giraffes can be
up to 18 feet tall,
weigh 2000 lbs., and live
 for over twenty years.  
East Africa is home to the Masai and the Rothschid varieties.
Each giraffe is covered with
a unique set of markings, while their
underbellies remain mostly white.
Foraging in small groups, these beauties were always easy to spot, looming high out of the grass that other animals used for cover.They quickly became favourites that I never tired of watching...

G is also for Gerenuk

With its elegant long neck, sweet face and lovely long legs, the
dainty gerenuk is irresistible.

 These small creatures are able to feed on branches taller antelopes cannot reach because they stand upright on their hind legs to search out
the sweetest leaves.
In this complex ecosystem, they've found a food source that offers no competition.
Slight and shy, they are not particularly fast but are able to elude predators by maneuvering deftly through the bush. We saw few of them on our safari, but they were a true joy to observe when we did come across them.
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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I so adore the giraffes - Jasmine gets a giraffe-like look in her eye when she looks at me through her lashes, that just slays me. And the dainty gerenuks are wonderful - they look so fragile and tentative and shy, very sweet. I love this bit of Africa every morning with my morning tea!!!!!!

aka Penelope said...

Can’t believe you are up to G already, Lynette!!! What gorgeous animals you are highlighting today. I know someone on a similar journey that got kissed by a giraffe. Apparently, there was a building in which people could stand and look out the window of the second floor to pet this tall animal’s head. The gerenuk is new to me but what a pencil-thin yet graceful creature. It is the perfect height to nibble on the lower bushes … without gaining any weight! :)

Deborah said...

Oh just wonderful, wonderful ... and the first picture of the giraffe is simply beautiful!!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Giraffes have the most beautiful eyelashes! And look at the big ears on those gerenuks!

adrielleroyale said...

Such beauty!! And grace!! These are such awesome shots; I SO enjoyed these pictures!! :)

Lynn Richards said...

Love the first photo-such gorgeous lashes!!! And the ears on the gerenuks made me laugh!

Angela said...

I've always thought giraffes have the prettiest eyes because to those thick eyelashes. Thanks for the close-up of them.

Margaret said...

I must tell you my 3 year old son and I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. We stayed and visited quite a while. He has been sick and this really happy. Wonderful trips you have had!

Pat said...

Giraffes and gerenuks have beautiful eyes and eyelashes! Maybe that's where Cleopatra got her eye-deeyas about eyeliner and mascara.

Katy Cameron said...

It's the eyelashes that I love. If I ever try to make a giraffe, I shall have to remember the eyelashes!