Friday, October 14, 2016

California/Nevada Trip

Mike and I just got back from a quick road trip that let us spend a couple of days in Nevada, and a few more in California. The main goal was to see Death Valley -which is indescribably beautiful and simply stunning- but as a lover of topography, almost every turn in the road provided me with some new feature to look at as we wound our way through the wide open spaces of the high desert.

 Of course, I took many pictures and am posting a few of them now. I shot this photo of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam from the walkway on the new bridge. We later learned that the water level was down 150 ft. after a scorching summer, as evidenced by the waterline.

The Kelso Dunes in California were lovely, nestled among rugged hills in the Mojave National Preserve. We had the dunes to ourselves, to enjoy with a hot sun, the slightest ruffle of a breeze and the soothing sound of silence

A few brave lizards were to be seen scooting about, but most wildlife knew to stay cool in the many burrows we saw dug into the sand.   
California's Red Rock Canyon was breathtaking, the scale and colour of them a delight to investigate.

Oddly enough, I feel more relaxed in the desert than I do here at home.

 There is endless space to breath in these wide open spaces, not always an easy thing to find in our busy lives.

Again, I can't find the words to describe Death Valley. It is huge, untamed, colourful and endlessly fascinating. Mike and I tend to cover as much ground in a day as we can when away, and we didn't leave enough time to enjoy every stop in the park.  Guess that means we'll have to do it again....

The picture above is Zabriskie Point. I'm going to look up the movie of the same name from years ago and see if the scenery plays a significant part in it.

Artist's Palette is one stop no-one seems to neglect. We spent a lovely hour watching the sun go down and the shadows weaving their evening magic. 

A huge arroyo had carved it's way into  the hills where we stood, and we could imagine how thunderous the water would sound roaring through it in a rain storm.

As daylight neared it's end, we found ourselves in Badwater Basin, a salt flat that covers 200 square miles. It is also the lowest point in the USA at 282 feet below sea level.

I have neglected my blog shamefully, but will return with more trip pics soon. Thanks for stopping by...