Monday, June 25, 2012

The Fraser River

With snow melt and bountiful rain, the Fraser River is overflowing its banks, and once again, my husband and I risk being labeled as scofflaws.

Given our shared fascination with water in all its forms, we took ourselves up to Derby Reach this weekend, one of our favourite Langley spots to visit.

 Over the years, we've seen this river at times fiercely frozen, and even seen it dwindled markedly in the heat of summer...but never have we seen it overflowing. Mindful that flooding puts people at risk, we simply could not resist a chance to see the river cresting.

 We found the parking lot full, though the camp ground host had sensibly pulled out his trailer, and large signs made clear the inadvisability of entering the camp sites.

In our defense, there were a good number of us squeezing by the warning signs for a peek.

 Still, it must be said that of the dozens of adults and children lining the riverbank, we were the only two who ploughed along the flooded road to see how deep the water got...well above my knees, as we went further along!

 Somewhere in the heavens, I'm sure my mother looked down, tsk-tsking about her flighty daughter, (who never had an ounce of sense), and bemoaning the muddy ruin of a perfectly good summer frock!

Sorry, Mum...but we enjoyed our whimsy. Of course, when the weather took a turn with wind and rain battering against my bare arms and sodden dress, I might have questioned the veracity of our decision, had I any sense indeed.

 We saw one adventuresome couple who'd carried in wood and built a fire...several fishermen who threw in their lines with optimistic enthusiasm, and when the sun put in a very brief appearance, it became just another Sunday in the park. It seems we're all so desperate for summer on the Lower Mainland that we'll celebrate the season, no matter what the weather throws at us!

With any luck, the river has done all it means to, and further damage can be averted.  Our prayers go out to those in peril and our heartfelt wish that they stay safe.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Afternoon at Bear Creek Park

 After a cool,  wet spring, the sun graced us with a blazing, though short-lived, appearance a few weeks ago.

In celebration, my son and I spent the day at Bear Creek Park, one of the many green sites that earn Surrey its title,  'City of Parks'.

 While I dislike having my photo taken, Jules was only too happy to pause and offer a smile as we wound our way to the Chapel In The Woods, a quietly reverent spot. 
I'm told weddings are actually held here,  though I've not managed to be there at  the right time.

            Flowers and foliage were vibrant in their new growth, the warm sun urging them to preen and proudly  show off their fresh beauty.

In the Japanese Garden, I took into my soul this wonderful poem penned by Korean-Canadian writer/theologian, Rev.  Byung Sub Van, and carved onto stone. It is both simple and                        profound.

 As usual, I was captivated by water and the ever-changing ripples caused by a light wind.




Of all the gardens, I most enjoyed the West Coast Native Walk, as the varied hosta and lacy fern are more beautiful to me than the most exotic of orchids.
 It was fitting to sit a while at this serene                      pavilion with its crystal-clear pond 
    and letter-inscribed glass roof.

 A few final shots, a miniature train ride and a visit to the Art Gallery completed the afternoon beautifully. My one regret was that the only wildlife we encountered were these metal fellows in the

Of such simple pleasures are memorable afternoons made.....