Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our World Tuesday: Bose Farm

My husband and I have been known to trespass.

 Although  generally law-abiding citizens who realize rules are in place for a reason, it must be admitted that on occasion our innate curiosity overrides common sense. 
The old Dairy Barn

 (In our defence, we would never vandalize property...it's surprising how often entryways are inadvertently left open to allow easy entry.)
 A favourite spot to visit on our Sunday jaunts has been  the Bose Farm near our house, long left to the vagaries of time and weather. 
 We have passed this pretty knoll many times in the years we've lived in Surrey, and watched the buildings on it deteriorate with each passing year. 

When a whole chunk of the old barn succumbed and tumbled to the ground last summer, it was the end of an era for us.

Some of the farm's outbuildings have been demolished; others will be renovated in the name of local colour.
  Long slated for redevelopment, the bulk of the land is slated to be filled with high-end condominiums.

Progress cannot be stopped, nor should it be, but I will definitely miss how proudly the big old barn stood watch over Bose Road for as long as I have lived nearby.  
will miss its shabby elegance.

And though I should regret stepping in to catch sight of life in the old days, I am very glad to have these photos to bring back the peace of an afternoon spent watching  sunshine slant through weathered boards.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vancouver's Olympic Cauldron

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When Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010, our city was enraptured with the joy of being Canadian and playing host to the world. The games galvanized our national pride, made friends out of strangers and showed us we each have a heart that is even bigger than we know.
For most of us, the celebrations were a joy from start to finish. I still grin widely when remembering hands clasping and smiles shared in the busy downtown core where we'd previously walked unnoticed.

That gentle linking of humanity seemed to me to be Vancouver at its best

Russia has gone into the games with considerably more conflict than troubled us, and has drawn lines they're not willing to bend.
Few are more vehemently opposed to Russia's rigid stance on gay rights that I am. If we're lucky enough to be truly cherished -by anyone- we've already been given our own gold medal to treasure for all time.
No-one has the right to tell us who we may and may not love.

 That said, I remain in absolute awe of the athletes who are brave enough to try and fail - over and over again- until they finally succeed in pushing boundaries and forging new ground.

What spirit that must take, and how glorious it would feel to know you've given every piece of your soul to achieving your dreams! Surely that experience truly lets you know  you're alive.

Politics and bigotry cannot tarnish courage like that.

Our cauldron remains unlit most of the time, yet attracts many visitors who want to remember that wonderful time. Yesterday, the Province Newspaper ran an article highlighting complaints that the cauldron is still not being lit, even though Calgary has proudly ignited its flame from the 1988 Olympics.
Thankfully, voices were heard and the Vancouver Olympic Cauldron is to be lit each evening Canada wins gold medals and again on the final day of the games.
I'm still hoping for more but am glad we're stepping up and adding our light to celebrate the world coming together.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our World Tuesday: Fraser River

I am a lover of winter, of long rainy days, of strong cold winds and most particularly, of snow and ice.

Living on the temperate West Coast of British Columbia, I rarely get a chance to experience the latter, although rain we do have in abundance.
I was, therefore, delighted when the temperature plummeted below freezing last week. On Saturday morning,  I eagerly packed up my camera and set out with my husband to see how the Fraser River had fared in the cold.

We wound up in Burnaby's Foreshore Park, where the edges of the tidal river had frozen and shattered into chunks as its water ebbed and flowed. I happily snapped some shots and puttered about in the ice thinking it might be the last I'd see this season.
Leaving the park to head homeward, we passed a Cactus Club Restaurant on Marine Drive. To my absolute delight, they had their fountain turned on and the resulting spray had coated the surrounding plant life with clusters of diamond-like jewels.
They formed frozen sculptures of bizarre and beautiful form that were simply glorious.
We quickly went around the block and stopped to check out the other-worldly shapes.

The sun obliged by peaking out to throw everything into relief, and even a wintry gale and freezing hands did nothing to move me along quickly .

Because I have a husband of infinite patience and good will, who shares my fascination with the mysterious ways of nature, we thoroughly enjoyed our chilly afternoon.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt: Intricate

This is my first entry into the meme, The Saturday Photo Hunt. This week's prompt word is "intricate".

 Immediately, I thought of shots I'd taken last year at a swap meet in Abbotsford, BC.  I had apparently been fixated on intricacies at the time, zooming in on whatever grabbed my attention, beginning with the large bowl above.
Here are a few of the others...

Chandelier crystals...

Blue platter...

 Fabric purses...

All things sparkly...

Japanese parasol...

 And of course, when it comes to intricate, no-one does detail as well as Mother Nature, clearly evidenced in the delicate orchid...

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Skywatch Friday: Crescent Beach

A typical winter's day on the west coast of B.C., where grey skies blend seamlessly with leaden seas.

             These were taken at Crescent Beach a short  while ago...

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Signs, Signs: Louisiana

In October, my husband and I flew into Dallas, then rented a car to breeze through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Leaving New Orleans, we drove south in a quest to hit the end of the state.

When we did reach the southernmost point, we couldn't  actually see the Gulf as the land was privately owned. 

Nonetheless, it was one of our favourite parts of the trip.

This is my first time joining in 'Signs, Signs' for a year and I've missed playing. Thanks for hosting, Lesley!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Repost: Antelope Canyon

I've been out of touch for the last year, but have not forgotten the many dear friends I made on line.With apologies for the long absence, I hope to reach out and reconnect with each and every one of you.

I'm beginning with a repost, in part because my very rusty skills are in need of a jump start. I am also inspired by the work of photographer,Eric Pouhier, recently brought to my attention by my brother, Martin.     

On a road trip to Utah a few years ago,my husband and I made a detour into northern Arizona.

I had always 
fascinated by 
pictures I'd 
seen of slot 
and a stop 
at Antelope Canyon 
was definitely 
on my 
bucket list.

The Upper Canyon did not disappoint, though we did not get as much time to look as we had hoped. A rain storm approached and we were quickly hustled out.

The very same forces of water that formed the glorious swirls of sandstone over time also present considerable danger to unwary tourists who fail to heed the warnings of flash floods.

(My regular readers will know that this only peaks our interest further!)

Grey and stormy though the day was, the sandstone walls simply glowed in what little light filtered down.

Seen from above, there is little indication of the beauty that    lies beneath.

Once plodding through water, even our foolhardy selves were forced to admit it was time to leave, but I know it will not be the last time we visit this wondrous place.