Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Tulip Festival in BC

As my husband and I made our way home after a trip to Chilliwack last week, we spotted a dazzling field of tulips field off to our right. Mike turned in automatically, knowing this was our kind of stop and was surprised when I objected in a most uncharacteristic way.

It was actually more of a whine than a polite demurral. The long day had been scalding hot, I was thirsty  beyond measure and was dismayed to see literally hundreds of people on the property to navigate through, many of them also drooping in the blistering temperatures with no shade in sight.

Throw in ten acres to explore, and what would thrill me on a cool day, seemed daunting to the extreme.

Of course,  my spirit of artistic adventure knew better and kicked into overdrive. I should have known I could never resist this photo op..impossible to pass the chance by.

Unfortunately, I got no brilliant shots like the panoramic vistas of tulips I've seen so often in magazines. My efforts were lack-luster at best, and it was difficult to get a wide shot as every row seemed to be peppered with people and their selfie sticks! Being one who dislikes having her picture taken, this is a trend I will never understand...

In the end, I lasted for an hour, and got a few good shots, after which we scurried off to the nearest Dairy Queen for beautifully chilled milkshakes. Though seriously dehydrated and a little sunburned, I was glad my instincts had not allowed me to wimp out.

I will look for this event next year, but will bring my own water and snacks in case the organizers still don`t realize they could as much money having a snack booth as selling flowers!