Monday, May 31, 2010

A Studio Picture A Day In May (The End)

May 30th:

Every woman should have

her own tools, preferably

newer than these ones!

May 31st:

And of course, no studio is

complete without its

resident teddy bears...

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Studio Picture A Day In May (Wk.4)

May 22nd:

You are invited to come in
and sit a while...

May 23rd:
My Wheeled tins.

May 24th:
There are better things to
store in canning jars than food.

May 25th:

Not surprisingly, cameras
are another thing
I collect!

May 26th:

Art is is art.

May 27th:

A box of old photos sits in front of an art piece I did for my mother. The gentleman in the jaunty cap is my grandfather.

May 28th:

Anyone need a scarf? Wait..
it's May..time to send the
wool on vacation!

My 29th:

Old film reels, treasured
for their intrinsic

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Studio Picture A Day In May (Wk.3)

May 15th:

Buttons, baskets, boxes and
tape...all essential to the
well-stocked studio!

May 16th:
Glass jars full of ribbon
and lace wait patiently
for me to get to them.

May 17th:
The only thing my
studio does not have
in abundance
is space.

May 18th:

I believe there is
a little magic to
be found in my
storybook tins...

May 19th:

Postcards, Bizarro and
my collection of crosses
gleaned from many
thrift store trips.

May 20th: Sometimes, simple is best...

May 21st:

Another typewriter, and
two chubby birds
nesting on old
school primers.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Studio Picture a Day in May (Wk.2)

May 8th:
Pattern, design, texture
and colour...all inspire
me and infuse
creativity into my

May 9th:
A place for everything and
everything in its place...

May 10th:

I have rightfully earned the title of 'stationery queen'!

May 11th:

My stash of cigar boxes,
complete with one made
into a purse, (store-bought),
and another filled to the brim with buttons as bright and brilliant as jewels.

May 12th:
My organized chaos

May 13th:

My favourite quote is written on the wall:
"Ask yourself two questions: what do you love to do...
and why aren't you doing it?"

May 14th:
I am happy to recycle other
peoples' discards and
make them my own.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Studio Picture a Day in May (Wk.1)

May 1st
Old keys, old tins and
old patterns..just a few
of my many eclectic

May 2nd

I treasure old typewriters and
am always on the prowl for
ribbon so I can use them again.

May 3rd

My favourite picture,
complete with the old
Kwantlen Bookstore

May 4th

I love birds and birdcages,
but I would never put a
bird in a cage.

May 5th:
I don't like watching
flowers die in a
vase, but dried and
preserved, they
remain beautiful

May 6th

Apparently, I have
way too much

May 7th
Seriously..can one
ever have too
many books?


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Few Collectables

My favourite thing in the world is to browse
through thrift stores and flea markets. These
are just a few of the treasures I've brought
home to make my own...

Double-decker buses picked up in Ireland, England, and North America.





Sand gathered from
Ireland, England,
Egypt, Africa and
North America...