Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Blessings

In spite of the problems and setbacks that mark our lives in these busy times, we have much to be grateful for. Too often, our appreciation is overshadowed by fear and doubt…we forget the wonders each day unfailingly presents to us in ways both large and small. I am making Friday a special day to count my blessings. Here are three things I am especially grateful for this week:
1) A good friend: My longtime pal, and poet, Sherry Blue Sky, surprised me with a glorious box of treasures yesterday. It overflowed with books and cows, incense and soap, and a few very special Yorkie treats. We lost our beloved girl, Angel, not too long ago, though we will carry her in our hearts forever. Sherry was able to find a frame that read, ‘Little Angel’ and download a picture of our Angel to put into the frame. This is a friend who knows me heart and soul. For her presence in my life, I will always be grateful.


2) A good dog: My little Schnoodle, Meeghan, is a furry ball of pure love! Her eyes shine with it every time she looks at me…we are devoted to each other. Everyone’s life is enriched by having animal friends, and I know I have hit the jackpot!


1) A good book: Few things feed one’s inner fire like a book that inspires and challenges us. As a continent dear to my heart, I read much about Africa, especially where it concerns her children. Melissa Fay Greene has written a brilliant book about Haregewoin Teferra, an Ethiopian widow who runs an unofficial orphanage for children left alone by the AIDS pandemic. It is not a comfortable read, but it is an important one. One small woman is making a huge difference in the world. What might we do?

A good friend, a good dog and a good book…life is a blessing indeed!
What are you grateful for?
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Thanks to all you ladies for making blogland a magical place to visit!


Olive Cooper said...

This is a wonderful idea Lynette. I am grateful for Joe my sweet hubs and for a darling daughter who I have spent a lovely day with today. For another chance at life and happiness that I never thought I would get that Joe has brought to me, to us. For improved health in the last year despite continuing chronic pain I am mobile.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much, for your kind words and the mention, and even more so for this post, which reminds us to be grateful for the rich smorgasbord of life we have before us, a feast. Today?: a breeze, a quiet peaceful home, my two beloved dogs, our long friendship,and this wonderful community of new friends, right at our fingertips! Thank you for encouraging me to enter blogspot. It has enriched my life:) As have you, dear friend!

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

Two eyes for gathering all the beauty around me. Two legs to carry me to magnificent places I read about. One daughter, my best friend my comediane and my sounding board. A warm cozy home where I feel safe and secure.

Lynn Richards said...

Love this, my friend! I will have to pick up the book, it sounds interesting. Today, I'm grateful for a nap in the warm sun, my sweet family and friends coming over for a bbq!!!

Zuzu said...

What am I grateful for? Each and every day - there is so much beauty and love to share! Thank YOU for sharing your world with all of us!
~ Zuzu