Sunday, July 15, 2012

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 The first thing you might notice about my studio is that I have way too much stuff, a circumstance shared by many artists and crafters, I'm sure...  but my collections and supplies comfort and inspire me on a daily basis. 

With everything visible and within reach, my creative spirit bounds to life as soon as I walk into this overstuffed room.

Favourite artists' works are always close at hand. On my door is a poster titled, "One World, One Hope", designed by Joe Average for an AIDS Conference held in Vancouver some years ago. 

Its plea for united brotherhood never fails to move me.

While it's true that I have a lot crammed into this tiny space, it is organized and least, most of the time!

Drawers, shelves and containers of all sorts are pressed into service in an effort to keep the chaos at bay. I particularly like clear jars that let me find what I need at a glance, be it scrabble letters, buttons or beads.

I continue to believe there's a little magic to be found in my storybook tins.

Unfortunately, time restraints
 have often kept me from 
pursuing my artistic efforts
 to the extent I might have wished, 
but as I have just hit the magical 
retirement age, I will finally be 
able to chase a few of the
 dreams I have kept on hold 
for years. 

What a glorious feeling of
 freedom and
possibility that is!

This picture was taken
as a scrapbook
project was ongoing.
I could have tidied it up, but desks are made to work on after all, not be show pieces.

The carpet has long since come
out and I've been waiting, (a while!), for my dear husband to finish putting in the hardwood floor.
Growing weary of 
drab plywood 
underfoot, I painted
on this cheery rug.
 I will miss when
it finally gets 
covered up, though I don't think I need worry about that just yet!

Inspiration boards spill over with 
opera programs, postcards 
and assorted bits that
have captured my 

My Artful Dodger poster always 
makes me smile...Nick Bantock's
 artwork simply
amazes me.

This is my muse. Isn't she beautiful?

We rarely see figurines of this sort 
here in Canada...I was delighted to
find her while on a visit to the States.

Her grace and quiet beauty embody
all the qualities of a sincere
and giving heart that I work on
emulating every day. 

Always the dilletante, I am easily pulled from one project to the next.
While happily prepping journal pages, I'll spy my colourful stack of wool and decide it's time to knit another scarf. The fact that it may be summer does not discourage me from rooting through baskets of woolly balls to begin a new project.

I am hooked on all Stampington & 
Company publications. In neat and 
orderly rows, I store every issue 
of Somerset Studio, Artful Blogger 
and Where Women Create. 

My goal is to be published in 
Somerset Studio. Of course, 
that  means I need
to control my procrastination
habit and actually submit

It goes without saying that books are
 an important part of every room. 

I have always been a bibliophile, and 
own a sizeable collection of 
art and crafting books that I pore 
over lovingly.

If I could only control that 
evil doppleganger, 
Penny Procrastination,
I have all the tools I need
to produce great art!

Photography being my 
first love,
I'm fond of setting up
of vintage sewing goods 
stationery supplies.

I love the little
medicine cabinet  
below and am always on the lookout for
antique jars to
fill it up.

A collection of tiny chairs line up on the window ledge, ever-ready should very small visitors come to call...I'm sure there are faeries at the bottom of my garden.

As convenient as computers unarguably are, doesn't everyone love the look of old typewriters?

By now you will have guessed
my secret...that I spend
more time talking about making 
art than actually doing so.

While photography and writing 
are my passions, and I do
pursue them avidly, I am aching 
to expand my creative 

I am making progress. It certainly helps to have my own space with its bounty of supplies and endless inspiration. Wonderful things are bound to happen here!

I know how fortunate I am to have my own space and never take it for granted.

I am also doubly studio adjoins our personal library which is stuffed to the brim with books. How lucky can one lady be?

For more inspirational studios, do stop by Karen Valentine's blog and check out her party. It promises to be spectacular...


Katy Cameron said...

*too much stuff*? No such thing ;o) Love all your collections, especially the wellies, and the painted rug is fab. Enjoy your retirement!

craftyles said...

Your vignettes are amazing. I love the vintage bottles and office stuff. Really neat. The old typewriter is awesome. You're a girl after my own vintage heart!Love your little tins too!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin. Your "muse" figurine, your library, just every little thing. Truely a room filled to the brim with inspiration. I loved visiting and I thank you for sharing. Your blog is gorgeous, too. I would never have thought of making it transparent like that and it is wonderful.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh this is so fascinating to look at, what a treasure trove of cool stuff. Both rooms must make one's spirit expand just going thru the doorways...........and so well organized. Wow. I envy such organization. My stuff, especially my lifetime of papers, are in sorry disarray. This needs to be remedied. Very soon.

Diana Seal said...

Very nice space! Thanks for sharing!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a beautiful creative space! Once you retire, you'll have the time to play and create all the time!

Karen Valentine said...

Too much stuff??? Bite your tongue!! An artist can never have too much stuff! Only just the right amount! LOL!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of it with us. I know I had a wonderful time!!

Debby said...

Your work space is like a museum of favorite things. So well organized. Love it.

Anonymous said...

No way do you have too much stuff! I think it's terrific and would love to spend a day rummaging through all your fun things! Thanks for letting me know you posted!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Cherry Chick said...

Lynette~How eclectic your creative space is! Your Mary E images immediately popped out at me.
The photography of your studio was fabulous. I really like the transparency of your blog template, too. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before.
I very much enjoyed meandering through your world tonight. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.


Mad Kane said...

Wow! Wonderful post. Great photos!
Madeleine Begun Kane

aka Penelope said...

The way you have arranged your workspaces is an art in itself. Each nook filled to the brim is picturesque and designed to make you feel content and inspired when you walk in. We gather inspiration all around us and sometimes bring it home to complete our surroundings. And if we can’t bring it home we paint it as needed … the way you did that lovely carpet on the floor. :)

Geralyn Gray said...

Happy Retirement and I hope all your creative wishes come that you use fine art like Matesse as inspiration......and your wood storage pieces.....thanks for sharing!

Nook and Cranny said...

I do not think a girl can have too much stuff...
Love your creative space, thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Sigg said...

Lynette, you could have been describing me in this post. We have so much in common, if only you lived in the U.S. or I lived in Canada! I'm very envious of your book shelves, it's fabulous. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Kathleen

Romeo said...

Well now, it would seem that there is much in common between you and "her". "She" waited a week or two shy of a YEAR for Dad to finish laying the hardwood in the bedroom and hallway. Yes, seriously!

Too much stuff?!? I agree with everyone else and "she" does too - there is no such thing in a studio :) Dad always says it's "crammed in there" but purrsonally I think it's great for hiding and ambushes! And "she" likes to have those things "she" loves and that which inspires out where it is seen!

And books!?!! Oh my - you both do love books! Yes, Nick Bantock is fabulous. In my recent post I had "her" photograph a few of the children's books that are in the studio. The illustrations are a constant source of inspiration. I agree! They inspire me to take a nap on them.

As I was prowling around the library I noticed Stephen King books. Yep, you'd find those here too! Stampington and Co....more of those here too. And like you, "she" wouldn't mind getting published there too. But the "P" word gets in the way here as well.

See? I told you the two of you had much in common! Good thing you don't live closer - I'd never keep her in line ;)

Well thanks for the tour of your fabulous studio! I certainly enjoyed myself, even if I didn't leave you a mouse as a present ;)


Romeo and "her"

StasaLynn said...

Great space... love the earthiness and color... I cannot wait to come back and see your creations!

Thanks for sharing and keep creating and imagining!


CATHY said...

love your rubber stamp corner and your library - I could play in those two area for hours! I enjoyed visiting your studio - cheers

Shell said...

Love your cubbies and your "Muse!" She's fantastic! As an avid reader I drool over the library area!

Thanks for Sharing!

Maureen said...

Wonderful space Lynette! Nope, not too much stuff... you have it all displayed so well so it's not cluttered. Awesome collection of books! Thank you for the tour!

Creative Breathing said...

Lynette, This was a most fascinating tour for me! So many visuals unfamiliar to me. I loved every photograph and didn't want the post to come to an end. It is easy to see your photography is your passion, beautiful! A mind that reads is an interesting one. Love the books! Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Elizabeth, Creative Breathing

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a colorful and inspiring creative space, Lynette! You've got such a wide array of supplies to choose from. It looks like you have everything you could possible need to create your lovelies. Love your storybook tins! As a book lover they speak to me. Thanks so much for sharing your tour!

VioletSky said...

Am I ever glad I decided to scroll down and see this older post. Your vignettes are lovely. One could never be bored in this room with so much to look at and admire and play with!

Rita Barakat said...

Well your place is ready and waiting for you to retire! I love the galoshes! Such a cute idea!

A China Cupcake said...

Wow your library is overwhelming . i see you have a vintage remedy closet the remedy is creating and the healing of working on you projects . I love your studio stop by I just put up my working blog last week !!! pat beglin

Maureen Hayes said...

I envy your spaces!! I too am an avid bibliophile as well as a budding crafter. Unfortunately, I don't even have a room to myself for it. Don't get me wrong, I live with and care for my elderly Mom, and I wouldn't trade this time with her for anything, but I do wish I had more space, time and money to create with.

Both your library and your studio are lovely and I enjoyed seeing what you create. I am sure when you retire you will achieve your dream of being published in Stampington because you certainly have the talent!

I will be following your blog from now on and cheering you on!

Kristi S said...

Oh my, I am thoroughly engrossed in your lovely space. It is a true artist's heaven. I love all of your special treasures:so much soul! I'm sure you will be creating lots of gorgeous very soon. Thank you for sharing with us!

Helena White said...

When is enough really enough lol! Never! Love your book collection! I also write and love photography.
Thank you for the peek inside your studio. Your newest follower from Ontario Canada ~ smiles ~

❤ ஆєℓєηα
ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

violette said...

Hi Lynette - i love all of your art supplies and your books! I'm so impressed with how neat and tidy your space is too!
Your muse is lovely - i can see why you had to have her for your studio!

Love, Violette

katep25 said...

Love your studio, love your books - but most of all I love and adore your photos - truly beautiful!

artsy heart said...

Lynette..I just can't tell you how much I adore your blog! I've deliberately NOT commented on any of the Where Women Create blogs because I have not touched my own in over a year...but I had no idea that there was another woman who loves EVERYTHING I do: books, Utah, crafts, vintage, and everything Stampington. Also I have just retired...imagine. I'm
coming back for a visit as soon as I update my own blog.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Beautiful background on your blog! Wonderful stuff - love the boots and chairs -0- very cute! TFS

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Lynette,
You truly have a wonderful creative space (should I say spaces), filled with adorable treasures. I love books and magazines and find it difficult to detach from them.
Thanks so much for the tour of your studio; I'll be back for more visits.

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