Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lincoln Cathedral

My husband snapped this
curious photo of me
in Lincloln Cathedral
when we visited England
in 2007. It is one of the few
pictures of myself
I actually like!
I had been to Lincoln as a child.
Northern Ireland was economically
depressed after World War ll..
like so many, my father crossed
the sea to England and found work there.
Although forty years had passed since my mother took us over to visit, I was delighted to find that I remembered the Cathedral and the Castle clearly. Lincoln Cathedral is astoundingly beautiful, the third largest in England...but I can still feel the horror my child's mind felt in the Castle, seeing the tiny cells that prisoners were locked into for years on end. It may have been there that my life-long fear of small spaces began! While not pathologically claustrophobic, I do hate to be confined.

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