Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Bloggerette Society

Sisters In The Bloggerette Society
'RUSH' Party June 25th, 2010

I am madly excited! When I landed on the gorgeous, 'Some Days Are Diamonds' page a while ago, and saw that Karen was starting up a sorority of bloggers, I leaped right in to apply. Of course, in such situations there is protocol to follow, and application this case one requirement only. Would-be sisters must use this picture of five comely ladies in some creative manner...while including a photo of themelves in the art work. This gave me momentary pause as I rarely like my picture being taken.
But here I am...ready for 'RUSH', with my collage, 'In Art, We Are All Sisters'. I believe this to be true and am looking forward to joining my new sisterhood!
I must give credit to Somerset Studio magazine and Sally Jean Alexander for the paper-to-share included in one of the magazines. I knew it was just what I needed as soon as I saw it.
And of course, a special, heartfelt thank you to Karen of 'Some Days Are Diamonds' for this brilliant bit of fun. If you haven't already seen it, I know you would love her beautiful blog!


Netty said...

Totally gorgeous, love it. Annette x

Anonymous said...

It's just lovely and it's just lovely to meet you too. Happy Rush Day. xo Lynn

Karen said...

Lynette - I love this! I love how you changed everything and personalized it for our sisterhood! And GREAT self-portrait! :) I know - it was hard to ask everyone to do this - I too HATE my picture taken!
Looking forward to getting to know you better in the coming months!
Enjoy the party!

Keetha Broyles said...

Very nice, has a post card feel to it!

Keetha from The Eclectic Company

Kathleen Coy said...

Hi Lynette, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, and for appreciating my art. It's always nice to meet a fellow animal lover.
Best wishes to you!

Ivy said...

Hello Sorority Sister! I love what you did with the picture and your blog is beautiful. I also love your fairy name. Hugs!

Shellbelle said...

Excellent submission! I'm having such a wonderful time today seeing and meeting so many clever artists and to think I almost didn't join the fun, because I do more digital art than any other form. I believe I'm going to love our new sisterhood!

Rhonda from Georgia

Jo said...

I love the lettering! What a great idea!

Mosaic Magpie said...

This is great. Such a neat idea and I love the lettering too.

Unknown said...

Perfect! :)

Good Job Sister!


Maria said...

Hi Sister,

Your collage is just so beautiful it has such a dreamy feel to it, love your self portrait that looks awesome...
From a sister from down under..

Lululiz said...

Great collage and such a lovely self portrait! I especially love your sentiment - In art we are all sisters.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love it! Beautiful idea Lynette.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my Lynette, are't you clever! I love your collage, it's just awesome! Great photograph of you sister! Don't you just all of this fun?


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh how pretty. I love your art collage. Very clevery. So glad to have you as a Sorority Sister. Hugs, Marty

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

So is nice to meet you sister!

Hearts Turned said...

(Lost my comment!) So nice to meet you, Lynette! Love your collage--it's beautiful! So happy to be your new Bloggerette sister & looking forward to getting to know you!

Julie from California

Charlene said...

Love your creation! So glad to "meet" you, come by and see me when you get a chance!

Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman

bj said...

Woo Hoo....I am lovin' this sorority thing. Have met so many new people and now you...I love being sisters with such wonderful ladies.
This is a great project...and you look so cute behind that camera. :))
I am your new follower..sisters gotta stick together, ya know!!
xo bj from Texas

zandra said...

Hi, from New Jersey! Love your take on the photo. Your collage is fabulous. Can't wait for the rest of the upcoming parties. Enjoy the rest of the party.

Cindy said...

How wonderfully fun this sorority is going to be. Hello sister! Your talent is shining!

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Andi's English Attic said...

Well done.
Glad to have the opportunity to stop by and say hello. xx

Mollye said...

Hi new sister! I am so happy to meet you and hope we become true sister friends in our sorority journey. I apologize up front that this message is a "cut and paste" message to all the sorority sisters because I wanted at least to become a follower of all of you and take a moment to say hello. For those who may not know my youngest son was killed last week and we buried him on Tuesday. I had started my project before that tragic event and am not finished but I did post what I've done on it so far. If you have visited me already I thank you and if not I invite you. I am just not quite at the point of being able to think of something to say individually at this time. I will soon hopefully be able to be active and visiting everyone. Love you already, Mollye

Sherry said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog and I am not ready to leave yet, still more looking around to do. I love what you did with the picture and how you incorporated your picture in your artwork. I have had a great time meeting new sisters. This should be great fun.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Lynette,
Such a sweet pleasure to meet you, great project and loved the previous post with the Teddies in the garden.

Sherrie said...

Hello Lynette,
So nice to meet you! This is just gorgeous! Such a sweet saying. Love your blog :0)

Debby said...

Hi Lynette, Love what you have created with the sorority photo. I am killing two birds with one stone as I am trying to get through the WBC list and found you have also joined the sorority.

Simply Debbie said...


JoAnne said...

Hi Lynette,
Love the collage!
Your NY sister,

porter place cottage said...

Love the collage! Your sister from Colorado.

Unknown said...

Love that quote..."In art, all of us are sisters". So true. Hi from a fellow sister!

Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Lynette, Hey sister! I love the collage you made. It's so creative! Glad you stopped by my blog. I hope to visit with you again soon.

Lisa said...

What a great project! I love it! The paper is perfect! I forgot to put my picture on mine!! Will need to add that later! This has been so fun! Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Lisa

Nelly said...

Greetings from PA, sister. Your creation is truly beautiful and so unique. Wonderful idea on how to use the image. This is so fun to visit. Thanks for stopping by my post.

Theresa said...

Hi there Lynette! I love your creation! Thank you for coming by to see me and leaving that sweet comment! I am still visiting around too:) Have a blessed day my Sista! HUGS!

Rebecca Nelson said...

This is GREAT, Lynette! LOVE LOVE LOVE your creation. Awesome!

Now...Just have to comment about the sweet little Yorkie you lost...

My Mollie (from my blog post from last Saturday) will absolutely TURN HER HEAD if I say "gimme a kiss goodbye". She ALWAYS wants to go and all we have to do is jingle the keys and she's out the door. She is almost 8 now...and that already makes me sad.

The poochie with the lipstick isn't mine. she was in an email that was sent to me and I thought she was DARLING and just had to include her in the PINK SATURDAY post!

Thanks for visiting. Your blog is a JOY!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Hello Lynette!

Your Rush project is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my blog and workspace! I am unable to publish comments at the moment (apparently Blogger is having a problem) but no worries! Your name is going in the hat 3 times!!

Have a wonderful day! I am going to visit your blog now!


Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Love your collage. You did a great job. I enjoyed your visit to my place. Come by again. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Well I'm here for several reasons, I came from Scrapping with Sherry, then saw that you were a Sorority Sister also, I'm slow making the rounds!
I enjoyed looking at your blog and your pictures!
You commented on Sherry's blog about fixing your header up, do you need help? I can see you have the ability to design a header possibly you just need instructiions to upload it? Anyway I would be glad to help! Hugs from a sister! Margaret