Friday, June 25, 2010

The Teddy Bears Picnic!

On warm afternoons, the Bear family takes afternoon tea on the terrace. Momma Rose sets the table with a nice cloth and her prettiest cups and saucers

She hums softly at her work,
her pleasure evident as she
picks her favourite dishes from
the cabinet and takes out the cake.

Eldest daughter Wren helps carry supplies,
packing loaves of French bread carefully
into her little pink knapsack.

Poppa Will often works up an appetite by playing a game of cricket before joining his family at table…but this is family time now. He will have a chance to think about his winning ball as he does the washing up later while Momma Rose has a well-deserved rest.


They have bread and butter to eat, a lovely cake,
and two kinds of fragrant tea. The children
drink ‘nursery’ tea, laced with lots of milk.

They are very, very careful to handle the china with care, and remember to use napkins to dab politely at their lips.

Momma Rose always uses her English Roses teacup. It was a special gift from her mother and she treasures it.


Momma can be counted on to play her cello for a while as the children fill their tummies. Her gentle music joins with the sound of birds tweeting and the wind whistling through the trees.

Sunlight sparkes off the spotless
dishes and helps keep the tea toasty warm.
There is no need for a tea cozy.

Wren Bear is the family bookworm. Afternoon tea is an especially good occasion for a book as far as she is concerned.

Poppa Will looks fondly at each of his girls in turn. What a lucky bear he considers himself to be!

As the afternoon moves on…and long shadows slant across the grass, Wren brings out her storybook and reads aloud in her best performing voice. Younger sister Ariel listens intently, but baby Jewel soon grows dozy in the sun and always misses the end of the story.

When night falls at last, the sleepy family trundles up the stairs, sated with the treats of the afternoon and the pleasure of each other’s company. Momma Rose is the last one to fall asleep, taking a few quiet moments to count her blessings. Her loved ones all safe and tucked warmly into bed in their own cozy home…well, there is simply nothing better than that in the whole world, is there?


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is absolutely adorable, Lynette! Everything is so beautiful and dainty, down to the very last detail.....and where did you get that cake? Is it real? Too beautiful! I love your teddy bear's picnic........when I have little ones here I always sing them that song. Next time they come, will show them a REAL teddy bears picnic. It must have been so much fun setting it all up:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

p.s. I see my elder daughter, Lisa, has joined your site. Cool!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

This teddy bear picnic is just adorable! I love the bears, the china, the furniture, I love it all! Great story, great job!

Kathy said...

Oh, your little story was charming! I'm so glad I stopped by and enjoyed tea with your little bears. This was perfect! - Kathy

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy Mad Tea Party! Sweet picnic!


Carousel Dreams said...

Ooh, a teddy bears picnic is my favourite kind! And your little bears are simply adorable! Gorgeous pics - they all look so happy in the sunshine...thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my blog!

Justina said...

Hi Lynette,
Thank you for stopping by my tea party, I really enjoyed reading your comment :-) It was so much work to get the preparations for the party done, but it was well worth it !! Everyone is really so creative :-D
Your bears are adorable! I hope you visit again soon!


Brook said...

What a fun tea! Thank you for letting Sam and I stop by for the fun!

Victoria Sayer said...

Thanks ever so much for having me over for tea. I so enjoyed myself...and I remembered to handle the china with care, and dab politely with my napkin. Please do come to visit me for some more Mad Tea, in the Secret Enchanted Forest at:

~Que Bella~ said...

What a lovely tea party! The Bears are adorable!

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

How do you do it Lynette. You make magic with your creations. There is love and great care given to each character, each montage created for the camera, and each and every word that you type. What a have found your "muchness"

Fair Rosamund said...

Such a sweet tea party, I have always adored teddy bears!! :) Thank you so much for having me over, everything was delightful :) ~Lauren

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how cute! :-)

daylily777 said...

I love teddy bear picnics !Your bears & the tea party are just delightful !

JoAnne said...

What a sweet party! I'm a teddy bear collector so I'm happy I dropped in. I see we're also sisters and I missed seeing you there too. I'll have to scroll down and see your rush project. It's been a lot of visiting with these two events back to back!

Loretta said...

This is one of the sweetest posts yet! It's simply darling. I hope you drop in at my place, if you haven't already. I wonder if I'll get to everyone's tea?

Kristal said...

I just adore your Bear Picnic! Thanks so much for inviting me!


Jingle said...

Oh, this just makes me so happy! We used to do BIG teddy bear picnics in school when I was little! I miss them! I should organize one for think they would think that was weird? HA!

A Fanciful Life said...

Those bears are just adorable! This was so cute. Last year, I added the song "Teddy Bear's Picnic" from 1932 to my site for the Mad Tea Party - I love that song. It makes me think of visuals like your photos above!
Sharon and Miss Gracie :-)

Tins and Treasures said...

I feel as if I was a guest at the tea party. I enjoyed my stay!

Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I am so hooked. Do you have a project for July yet? These teddy bears are so wonderful, one wants to keep them front and center! I also felt like I had actually attended a tea party - too wonderful!!!!!! Such fun!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

So glad you stopped by - allowed me to be a visitor to your lovely site! And, I was just telling the aMAziNg Mr. B that bloggers seem to flock together with shared interests..I see you even visit some of the same blogs as I do :-)

I can't wait to look around and see all you have done - Love the bears and the tes..just a couple of my favorite things;-D

kluless said...

Simply delightful! Love your photos and love your story even more. I am so glad you visited my blog so I found my way over here to 'crash' your party!

Alicia said...

Oh they are so adorable, i felt like a little girl again visiting you, it was wonderful!!

Wendy said...

Sorry I'm late, but there is no other way to be in wonderland, so little to do and so much time to do it in. OOOPs Strike that, Reverse..

Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful party. It was so sweet and charming. I love the story and I love Teddies. Please stop by and have a cup of tea, with a spoonful of madness when you are able. Love to see you on my side of wonderland.
Have a Wonderfully Mad and Curious Day....
Wendy from Wonderland

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You totally CAN write a children's book, Lynette - this is one right here complete with photos....I would try to put it all on paper and submit it, bet it would sell!!!!!!! An old fashioned cover.......ADULTS would enjoy it!!!!