Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our World Tuesday: Bose Farm

My husband and I have been known to trespass.

 Although  generally law-abiding citizens who realize rules are in place for a reason, it must be admitted that on occasion our innate curiosity overrides common sense. 
The old Dairy Barn

 (In our defence, we would never vandalize property...it's surprising how often entryways are inadvertently left open to allow easy entry.)
 A favourite spot to visit on our Sunday jaunts has been  the Bose Farm near our house, long left to the vagaries of time and weather. 
 We have passed this pretty knoll many times in the years we've lived in Surrey, and watched the buildings on it deteriorate with each passing year. 

When a whole chunk of the old barn succumbed and tumbled to the ground last summer, it was the end of an era for us.

Some of the farm's outbuildings have been demolished; others will be renovated in the name of local colour.
  Long slated for redevelopment, the bulk of the land is slated to be filled with high-end condominiums.

Progress cannot be stopped, nor should it be, but I will definitely miss how proudly the big old barn stood watch over Bose Road for as long as I have lived nearby.  
will miss its shabby elegance.

And though I should regret stepping in to catch sight of life in the old days, I am very glad to have these photos to bring back the peace of an afternoon spent watching  sunshine slant through weathered boards.

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Mosaic10 said...

How pleased I am that you also stop and investigate, capture, and preserve the stately elegance of days of yore. I wonder how many generations of their family cared for the land.

Powell River Books said...

Buildings kept up seem to last for a very long time, vacant ones return to nature more quickly. I love old barns and the adventure of exploring. - Margy

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing some of Surrey's history!

Katy Cameron said...

Keep on trespassing, it makes for fab photos!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I am glad you have preserved the beauty - condos will not be nearly as pretty.

eileeninmd said...

Awesome shots of this cool barn! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your week ahead!

Linda said...

It's good that photographers like you are documenting these treasures before they disappear.

lisa lewicki hermanson said...

There's nothing like an old weathered barn. The inside looks newer than the outside - thanks for sharing, sorry to see it go !

Unknown said...
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Louisette said...

Very lovely old farm , greeting from Belgium.