Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Afternoon at Bear Creek Park

 After a cool,  wet spring, the sun graced us with a blazing, though short-lived, appearance a few weeks ago.

In celebration, my son and I spent the day at Bear Creek Park, one of the many green sites that earn Surrey its title,  'City of Parks'.

 While I dislike having my photo taken, Jules was only too happy to pause and offer a smile as we wound our way to the Chapel In The Woods, a quietly reverent spot. 
I'm told weddings are actually held here,  though I've not managed to be there at  the right time.

            Flowers and foliage were vibrant in their new growth, the warm sun urging them to preen and proudly  show off their fresh beauty.

In the Japanese Garden, I took into my soul this wonderful poem penned by Korean-Canadian writer/theologian, Rev.  Byung Sub Van, and carved onto stone. It is both simple and                        profound.

 As usual, I was captivated by water and the ever-changing ripples caused by a light wind.




Of all the gardens, I most enjoyed the West Coast Native Walk, as the varied hosta and lacy fern are more beautiful to me than the most exotic of orchids.
 It was fitting to sit a while at this serene                      pavilion with its crystal-clear pond 
    and letter-inscribed glass roof.

 A few final shots, a miniature train ride and a visit to the Art Gallery completed the afternoon beautifully. My one regret was that the only wildlife we encountered were these metal fellows in the

Of such simple pleasures are memorable afternoons made.....



Kay L. Davies said...

Lynette! How wonderful to see your photos again. I love them. Bear Creek Park sure has changed. It's gorgeous. I'll have to visit there when I need a break from visiting my relatives some day.
And "mere water am I" would have impressed my father as much as it impresses me. I miss him in June, on his birthday a few days ago, and on Father's Day even though he didn't believe in it.
I sure enjoyed this post, my friend.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a beautiful park and garden. I'd love to visit it some day.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

WOW! TWO shocks - you posting (yay!) can our two baby sons possibly have gotten bigger than us? Hee hee. What a lovely spot this is, must have been a delightful day.

Katy Cameron said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit :o)

Pat said...

Surrey sounds like a wonderful have so many lovely parks like this one in it. I, too, like ferns. Rev. Byung Sub Van's poetry is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pleasant day in Bear Creek Park with your son Jules.

Romeo said...

How beautiful!!! I could have spent hours there meandering....especially since the wildlife seemed to be absent. Not that I am anything other than ferocious....well actually I am also enough to know that a bear fight would not be my best fight and once I would gladly stay away from! Still it looks like a very nice place to visit - thanks for letting me tag along! I enjoyed it!!!!