Monday, June 6, 2011

Microfiction Times Three

I am apparently hooked on microfiction memes since I keep finding more of them all the time, (though truthfully, I believe they find me)!  Today, I offer three tiny bits of writing...

Both men pondered the chance of claiming Gwendolyn’s heart…they had dropped drastically in the latest affection polls! Might one yet win her back….and by what means?

(140 Characters)

(Photo provided by Grandma)
The course of love rarely runs smoothly! Grandma at Succinctly Yours challenges us to spin a tale in either 140 characters or 140 words, using the photo prompt she provides. A further challenge is to insert her word of the day, this week's choice being "ponder". To see other takes on this pic, do check out the link below...


Life’s challenge gives us pause

…in the end, it is love

that will temper its harsh turns

and allow our hearts to find

peace therein.
(25 words)

(Photo by Lynette Killam)
Yes...a mere 25 words is the limit Jenny Matlock set on this exercise, asking only that we base it on the theme of, "In the end". What a wonderful way to combat verbosity! This is my first time playing along with Saturday Centus, but I'll warrant it will not be my last...


This is another new meme for me. Eric 's Monday Morning Photo Prompt asks us to write a piece in whatever style or size the Muse dictates...
The man woke up slowly, suspended in that place where one knows not which is real and which is the dream. He could feel cold steel under him, its icy, unforgiving surface chilling every inch of his being and setting him atremble. After a time, his eyelids slid open, but he quickly scrunched them shut again to block out the fierce and brilliant band of light that assailed him and pierced straight through his brain.

Something was not right. Unease settled hard into his gut, threatening to unleash the bile that roiled up and began to demand release. He struggled to remember where he was, but the cold numbed his mind, and his eyelids proved inadequate guards against the riveting brilliance that continued to torment him mercilessly.
It was now that the first real lick of fear worked its way up his rigid spine. Dear God…what was happening?
(147 words - Photo provided by Eric)

This one was fun to do- unlike anything I've ever written before - but the picture made me think of alien abduction, and I quickly put down the first thing that came to my head! To read more responses to this pic, drop by Eric's page for a visit...


Anyes said...

The eternal game of chasing one another ;-)

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Great job, Lynette!

It's always interesting to see what people 'see' in my pictures.

(This one was a bit more abstract than my usual photo prompts - just trying to keep folks on their toes!)

Thanks for joining in. I hope you'll be back for next week's.

Kay L. Davies said...

I also need these "less is more" exercises, and they're fun, too.
Good work, Lynette.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

jabblog said...

Well done, Lynette - you've certainly been bitten by the microfiction bug and you're good at it:-)

Evelyn said...

Fun twist on a great picture by Eric...

Anonymous said...

So that's what the graph represents! I was wondering.

Nonna Beach said...

Wow, those are awesome ! Glad you found Saturday Centus. I can only manage 1 meme per week since I have so much else to blog about !

Have a great week !

Nonna Beach said...

BTW, I'm Elizabeth Bennet too !

Pat said...

That first one cracked me up....the idea of Gwendolyn showing the guys her affection levels for them over time. LOL!

The second one was beautiful and so true.

And the third one was chilling and I so wanted to know more about what was happening to the man. I'm guessing that he was in a terrible car accident and was dying.

Excellent and entertaining MMs, Lynette!

Susan Fobes said...

So they are the ones being graphed? LOL! Nice one.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, Lynette, I am impressed at how much you can convey in a few well-chosen words.I cant even imagine 25 words or less and yet it is my favorite of the ones you've offered here - states a profound truth. Wonderful!

Mad Kane said...

I liked them all, especially the first one!

I just stopped by to thank you for your fun limerick contributions to this week's Limerick-Off.

Jim said...

Hi Lynnette ~~ I love your "affection polls" idea! Very clever! I might use that as a part of Mrs. Jim's upcoming annual performance evaluation (my other blog).

I also like your travel pictures of he U.S. here and on the other blog. There wasn't much of Route 66 left was there? We his a former piece in Missouri last week on our return from the Midwest, mainly Nebraska and Iowa.

Kathe W. said...

spooky take on Eric's photo!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Nice microfiction. You got a laugh out of me! I've known a few ladies who would love to graph their spouses. LOL

Helen said...

The never ending game of attraction, I wonder who will turn the graph upwards!

cj Schlottman said...

Welcome to Saturday Centus! I love these pieces, especially your centus contribution. On a very difficult day, your beautiful words fed me hope. Thanks for that.


Tgoette said...

Welcome to Saturday Centus! I loved your piece as well as the others you shared. You are a great talent; one whom I hope to read more of in coming weeks!

Jenny said...

Look at you. The micro-fiction Queen. All of your pieces were superb. I like the way you paint such broad pictures with such a small word-count brush.

Very neat writing.