Monday, March 7, 2011

Microfiction Monday: Ancestors

Each week, Susan at Stony River posts a photo she's chosen, then invites us to weave a tale around this photo using 140 characters or fewer.
My entry for today comes in at exactly 140 characters...
Moving forward, we look back -
to meet the road ahead,
we ponder whence we came.
On the path of our lives,
none walk alone -
other steps brought us here,
so too they lead us on

For more of Microfiction Monday, do visit the link below...there is much good reading to be found there!


aka Penelope said...

You have expressed eloquently that life at this moment has evolved yet is linked to all that has gone before. This interconnectedness follows and influences us as we venture away from the past into the future. Your prose reveals an interesting truth, Lynette! Thanks for sharing. :)

Pat said...

I like your poetic prose. It is interesting to look at old photos of ancestors and wonder what they were like and what traits of theirs I might have.

jabblog said...

Ooh, this is good:-) Well done!

SparkleFarkle said...

"Moving forward, we look back -
to meet the road ahead,

we ponder whence we came."

In this microfictiony look-at at looking back (Yours is a fun take indeed!), I am reminded of words that get waysided.--> Like "whence"! What a cool word "whence" is! "Whence," "whence," "whence"! It feels nice to say, too (--sort of very importanty. You know what I mean?) which is what I will do every opportunity I get, today, as I declare "whence" to be March 8th's WorD of the DaY!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Ella said...

I love this; You did a wonderful job weaving the past with the present! I love vintage photos...
Great Job~

Michael G-G said...

Nice one, Lynette. I second Sparkle's adulation for "whence."

Thanks for stopping by my blog also,

EG Wow said...

Well done!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh this is wonderful, Lynette. How true, and cool to reflect upon. I love this!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, fellow Canadian! Loved your MM story this week...and your pics are gorgeous....will be back again soon to read more. Cheers~