Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Irish Doors

I have recently discovered a new meme, which I know will quickly become one of my favourites.

Mary at
'Window Views...and doors too!' clearly shares my lifelong fascination with arches and openings of all kinds.

Looking in or looking out...entering or leaving...every portal has a story to tell, a unique viewpoint that is like no other.

On a trip home to Ireland several years ago, I was fascinated to discover doors that were very old; some restored to a bright new gloss, others left to nobly bear the ravages of time. They are all beautiful to my eyes...

I'm posting a few of my favourites here and linking them to Mary's meme. For more such photos, do stop by the following link...


Deborah said...

What wonderful pictures, the shapes and textures are amazing ... and what stories they could tell!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love doors too and these are some beauts! Doorways are sacred in Celtic spirituality because they are transitional, liminal spaces between two opposites (inside and outside). Portals of possibilities!

Olive Cooper said...

These doors have stories to tell. I also love arches and try to take photos of them where I find them!

aka Penelope said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, Lynette! I, too, am fascinated by doors. It was a joy to discover the many ancient and unique entryways throughout Europe. In fact, I love the idea of taking a trip exclusively to photograph doors … even though there are often several tourists standing in front of them. :) The older the more beautiful. They are, indeed, portals that project mystery.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh each one makes me want to know the story of those who entered wonderfully unique and original, each one. Beautiful, Lynette!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Someone's hands crafted each door long ago... isn't that wonderful? I find myself drawn to the most distressed & faded (the last). The little weeds growing up around it & the teal one tell us that nature is appreciated & welcomed.

Peaceful day to you, Lynette,

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I think we all must share the love of beautiful doors/windows - and these are soooo pretty! I must go to the link to see more :-)

Anonymous said...

Great captures! I love the yellow door and the one in the last photo.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Hello Lynette,
What a beautiful subject to post. Doors so evocative of history, what is right now and the future.
Indeed, an Irish feel to many of the doors featured!
Good to revisit and connect again.
Best wishes, Eileen

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful entranceways to worlds we might never see, closed doors are all the more entrancing, sometimes, than open ones.
Lovely Irish doors, Lynette!
-- K

Cildemer said...

Oh, yes! You've posted some wonderful doors too;o)
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

Have a happy weekend****

adrielleroyale said...

I love these!! I love old architecture in general, it's like the buildings could tell you a story..the phrase "If these walls could talk..." definitely comes to mind. I feel like older architecture has so much more character and individuality than today's modern structures. Anyway, these are awesome :)

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I love doors and windows, I can get lost for hours wandering round old Provencal villages finding the most delightful specimens. These ones you found are fab too

Breezy said...

You have such a great eye... I love those doors!

Anonymous said...

so glad that you're onboard with the Window Views and Doors too. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you every week.

Ronald Miller said...

Wow. My eyes have seen a lot of modern doors lately that I never knew that there are still such old, stunning doors that exist! My eyes are glowing right now. Seeing these old doors are just refreshing. They made me wonder what stories these doors have to tell. Haha! They look so mysterious and I love it!

Ronald Miller