Friday, February 11, 2011

Remembering Angel...Repost

Because today is the anniversary of a
beloved friend's passing, I am reposting this piece to affirm that love is the one thing that never dies....

We only had eleven years to share with our beloved Yorkshire Terrier, but they were years we will always cherish. Angel was a delight to loving and sweet. She adored us with every fibre of her being and wanted nothing more than to share her life with us. We are so very grateful that she did...
We chose Angel from a kennel in Revelstoke, knowing as soon as we met her that she would become part of our family. On the long drive home to Surrey, she lay content in my arms, the beat of my heart soothing her in sleep and bonding her to us so easily it was clearly meant to be. She had been named Angel because she was a scrappy little devil, full of mischief and play. We kept the name because surely if there are angels, they would come in the form of this most loving of companions.
She was everything you could ask for in a friend: funny... feisty... loyal...and always there when comfort and unconditional love were what was needed. I like to think we enriched her life as bountifully as she did ours, but I don't believe any of us shone as brilliantly as she did.
Angel has been gone for three years now, and it has been difficult to move on without her. Quite unexpectedly, we found another little soul who needed us as much we needed her, and we are dog guardians one more. With a boundless capacity for love, our hearts can always find room to accept more...but for all time, there will be a special place in each of us reserved for the joy that was Angel.
We love you, Angel...we miss you terribly... and will never forget you and the blessing you brought to our lives. You were the best girl in the world...


Kay L. Davies said...

I know we were talking about Angel on Monday, so I pretty much knew what I'd be reading, but this brought tears to my eyes, Lynette.
What a lovely tribute you wrote, well worth posting every year.
Luv, K

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Dear Lynette,
Thank you for visiting my blog today.
Now I understand why today, is a difficult time for you.
A sad loss to endure when a beautiful, faithful pal is taken away.
Sherry Blue Sky, is suffering in the same way, with the loss of her dear dog, Pup in January this year.
Her latest poem, is concerned with that loss.

Glad you had a minor diversion from the shadows, with the Undertones!
Thinking of you Lynette,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh of course this made me cry. Her bright little face is just so adorable, her eyes so wise and loving. It has been one month since Pup died. That is hard to believe. And I know that in three years, and in thirteen, if I have that many years left, I will still and always miss him as you do your beloved Angel. What a lovely golden little soul she was.

aka Penelope said...

You express so well, Lynette, the joy a pet like Angel can bring to a family. We, too, had an angel in our lives. Thanks for the reminder of that unconditional love as we approach Valentine’s Day and reflect on all the special beings that have touched our lives.