Sunday, September 19, 2010

Egyptian Shadows

As my last post was of Egyptian skies, I thought to continue with more of this country's beauty for Shadow Shot Sunday.

There is a wonderful luminosity to the light in Egypt as it reflects off handhewn columns and ripples over sand underfoot. Everthing the sun touches here turns golden, contrasting sharply with the dim inner spaces that sunlight doesn't reach.
Ancient temples are this photographers's dream, affording perfect studies in sun and shadow...
light against dark.
The Temple of Horus at Edfu

I became fascinated by patterns formed as sunlight struck the ornate pillars and swept across deeply etched hieroglyphic images.
Kom Ombo Temple, Aswan

Moving along pillared halls was like walking with giants. I marvelled at the height and breadth of the columns, each one precisely carved by the master craftsmen who built these temples many centuries ago.
Karnak Temple, Luxor


Kom Ombo Temple, Aswan

As if the decorated columns were not sufficiently beautiful, they are topped by magnificent capitols,carved into breathtaking swirls and flourishes.
These temples were once painted in brilliant royal hues of blue and red. Occasionally, one lifts one's eyes to spot a majestic falcon on an archway overhead, wings spread wide to protect his pharaoh, feathers still bearing traces of the blazing turquoise and gold that once made it soar.

How astounding it is to stand in these decorated halls built for the glorification of kings and gods!

Hypostyle Hall,
Temple of Luxor,

Medinet Habu,
Mortuary Temple of Ramses III,

Time and pollution have faded the brilliant colurs and worn gouges into the sandstone, but nothing will ever completerly diminish the magic or the magnificence of Ancient Egypt's treasures...
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Sherry Blue Sky said...

FABULOUSLY wonderful, glorious images, the play of light and shadow is breathtaking. I can only imagine how it felt to stand in from of and amongst these amazing structures...........and to have all the light and color and sun and sky as well....? Remarkable. Thank you for this, it is glorious to see your photos and read your words, a feast for an armchair traveler!

wanderlust said...

These are so beautiful. I have been wanting to visit Egypt so badly, ever since I was a little girl. These are so inspiring!

paulandrewrussell said...

These are beautiful photographs Lynette. Egypt is the one place in the world I would love to visit. Maybe one day....

Tete said...

Your shadow shots are wonderful. Don't you just love all the detail? This is what kind of work you get when you don't have TV and the internet. LOL!
We have way too many distractions!
Hugs- Tete

The one with the View said...

ooo--I'm GREEN!!! What an AWESOME Trip! I love your shadows!! That first photo is GORGEOUS and really captures the magnitude of the pillars! I scrolled down to your Egyptian Sky post as well, Lovely photos there too! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am following yours now!

krissilugbill said...

wow, these are amazing shots! love them all! your blog is so much fun too! so glad to have found it :)

The Clip Cafe said...

Thanks for stopping by - I love your shots! One of the places in the world I would love to visit :-)

Hey Harriet said...

I'm another one who would love to visit Egypt! Your photos are beautiful and it was such a joy to be transported there just for a short while via your lovely blog. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

Emma said...

These photos are an inspiration, as are your words. I've had a great time scrolling through your recent posts and reading your thoughts. I was especially taken with the Egyptian and Irish posts about the wall.

Have fun x

Marilyn said...

Fabulous shadow photos of a very exotic place! Just wonderful.

Greyscale Territory said...

This must have been walking with the ghostly giants of legend! Your beautiful photos are filled with a sense of wonder! Stunning!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gorgeous, Lynette! And just think of the untold centuries of light and shadow on these ancient temples! (And I'm signing up to follow this blog too!)

Kristy said...

You are quite the traveler! It's amazing that those pillars were built with out our modern tools. Thanks for your visit!