Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Studio Picture a Day in May (Wk.2)

May 8th:
Pattern, design, texture
and colour...all inspire
me and infuse
creativity into my

May 9th:
A place for everything and
everything in its place...

May 10th:

I have rightfully earned the title of 'stationery queen'!

May 11th:

My stash of cigar boxes,
complete with one made
into a purse, (store-bought),
and another filled to the brim with buttons as bright and brilliant as jewels.

May 12th:
My organized chaos

May 13th:

My favourite quote is written on the wall:
"Ask yourself two questions: what do you love to do...
and why aren't you doing it?"

May 14th:
I am happy to recycle other
peoples' discards and
make them my own.

1 comment:

curlysusieQ said...

I love the HUNT artist pen book, as a calligrapher is have so many hunt nibs and holders. I love your book collection, and the cameras, you have a great space. Thanks for stopping by my studio, and the kind words about my birdhouse chair.