Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Think Tank: Homage to Robb

Quentin Tarantino has said, 

“You can’t write poetry on a computer.”
I beg to differ…and I offer this homage to the founder of our online forum!

Our brave friend Robb took on the job of being poets’ host,
And I can’t help but wonder what he likes about it most.
Is it the endless questions that we always seem to ask?
Or is his joy found in the role of keeping us on task?
When night falls, does he tear his hair and wonder what he’s done?
Or is he like the rest of us, too busy having fun?
Who wouldn’t want to nudge along a group so keen to play,
That we’ll line up with haste for one brief chance to have our say!
All jest aside, our gratitude we offer to our host.
This man of wisdom thought to carve out space for us to post.
He gave us room to grow and shine our light for all to see.
He helped us know we could become all we were meant to be.
As writers, we’re prolific and our minds resound with rhymes,
We’re always jotting down new thoughts at quite peculiar times.
But it can feel quite lonely living in one’s muddled head…
And ideas left unshared can seem to be as good as dead.
I used to write within a void; my words the weight of stone,
And now I am much heartened to know I am not alone!
So many clever people leave their gems upon this site,
And I can soak up wondrous words at any time of night.
The poets I have come to know inspire me with their zest,
Though it’s the gift of sharing that I’ve come to love the best.
For kindred souls and seekers who explore the world in rhyme,
This is, without a doubt, our favourite way of spending time.
As captain of our crew, we tilt our caps to Robb with pride,
No phrase seems quite enough to say how much we love the ride!
Our work is launched, our writing ship sets sail with banners high,
The world is ours to conquer, and our limit is the sky!

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jabblog said...

Very nice appreciation:-) I know what you mean by - 'But it can feel quite lonely living in one’s muddled head…
And ideas left unshared can seem to be as good as dead.'
Writing allows sanity freedom!

Deborah said...

What a smashing and deserved tribute and a wonderful poem ... just lovely :o)

Trellissimo said...

Ada and Caddoc often sail forth in a similar ship! LOL

Robert Lloyd said...


You made me blush my dear. Truly and undeserving tribute but I will take it just because it inflates me. I will have to share this with my Fiance. Point and say "See its not a watse of time. I am doing good" lol I kid she is supportive but doesn't really comprehend poetry. This may be a poem taht can do it for her!! Again thnks as I am truly honored and grateful.

Lucy Westenra said...

Are you sure? About 98% of blog poetry amply proves Tarantino's point.

Old Ollie said...

Yes - take on ol'QT!

Ella said...

Well Done Lynette! Nice tribute to a our Captain.
It helps us anchor our souls and find ways to keep us inspired! It is a great group to be part of~xXx You even did rhymes...Amazing!

Breezy said...

Amazing!!! Well done

signed...bkm said...

Great write Lyn...and a wonderful tribute to Robb for all his read...bkm

Kim Nelson said...

Robb is a wonder, isn't he? And this poem was a delightful word-romp for me. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

SO well done, Lynette! This just rocks. Good one! I am way impressed.

Judy Roney said...

What a great tribute to Robb. He really is phenomenal as host to Poet's United, isn't he. I ask a question and BAM! there is the answer in my in-box.

Rashmi said...

Yes ...I also agree with you..Robb is a wonder...Nice tribute to him .....

Peggy said...

Well done, Lynette. What a neat tribute to Robb, and well-deserved. Thank you for visiting my blog as well. I love the international aspect of Poets United and thinking that people in other places are reading what I write and looking at my photos.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the idea of writing into a vaccuum and then discovering the online poetry circuit. I also agree with your sentiments concerning the Fearless leader. What a wonderful space he has created for all of us,


flaubert said...

A wonderful tribute to a great guy.


adrielleroyale said...

Great tribute! And I like your style of poetry - it's simple, sincere, not overly complex, it flows, and rhymes! ;)