Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Hunt: Silhouettes

Although I’m sporadic in visiting, one of my favourite memes is the ‘Saturday Photo Hunt’ hosted by
Each week, a theme is provided, with participants asked to submit a photo they think best illustrates that theme.
When I saw that today’s prompt was ‘silhouettes’, it brought to mind a crisp Fall day spent in a corner of our West Coast known as Steveston. That afternoon stands out in part because we shared it with our younger son - walking along the waterfront and watching the sun sink lower in the sky.

As this grown man clambered over the rocks and launched logs into the water, I was reminded of countless afternoons over the years when our children were small and each day was an adventure waiting for them to undertake.
For me, it is most certainly the small moments in life that have sculpted my contentment…

Thank you tnchick, for hosting this weekly glad I've rediscovered you.


collectingtokens said...

Those are some really beautiful shots! Your second one, in particular, is very striking, with the man and his crooked stick. I love the reflection in the boat one, too.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!


ewok1993 said...

what a marvelous set you shared with us. while all are superb, the second one captured my heart.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful images, and I can see the silhouette of the boy shadowing the man he has become. Lovely, Lynette!

Luna Miranda said...

i enjoyed our silhouettes. marvelous composition..

Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous silhouettes, Lynette. I, of course, especially love the tugboat.
-- Luv, K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Olive Cooper said...

They are lovely and the small vessel on the water is especially pretty to me.

aka Penelope said...

Oh … what wonderful memories of Steveston your illuminated photographs bring back, Lynette. I spent a few years as a young girl there. I used to love walking along the wharf. The waterfront and colorful boats encouraged my urge to write. I was curious about what adventures the sailors of these vessels had on their journeys. This little fishing village inspired my imagination.

Ella said...

These are beautiful, but your words are better:
"small moments in life that have sculpted my contentment…"

adrielleroyale said...

Beautiful shots!! They brought to mind some that I had taken recently that would go along with this theme quite well :) These are so peaceful.. :)