Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Rambling

For us, Sunday is a day to wander. With our little dog in tow, my husband and I explore places near and far, changing plans and directions as the mood takes us. Yesterday, we set out for the shore, only to come across a local park we had not been to before. We ended up staying for the afternoon and never did make it to the beach.

I knew it was the right choice when we came across one of the abandoned buildings that I so love to photograph.


Watershed Park is so named because of an underground aquifer that feeds into the neighbourhood water works.
The derelict remains of an old pumping station immediately captured my attention, and unlike the places we so often explore, there was no sign prohibiting entry!

I might have wished for better light in which to photograph. After an uncommonly hot, dry summer, we've slammed into a gray and damp September. Our normally lush, coastal rainforests are subdued and pale
and the sun has hidden itself away.
That did not deter me from taking shots as I wandered through the brambles and moss that had overtaken the ruins.
The park is mostly evergreen, and the odd bright tree stands out like an exclamation point against the darker background.

Continuing on the trail, I focused on the many nurse trees our forests have in abundance as new life begins in old stumps.

Already, the air had the rich, earthy smell of Autumn, and a layer of dampness lightly coated the leaves.
Shiny salal and skunk cabbage peeked out from the trees, and tall, purple columbine peopled the paths edge.

We had the park mainly to ourselves. Families of shcool-age children would be at the mall in search of back-to-school clothes, or tracking down the
inevitable list of stationery needs. With no such concerns,
we wandered at leisure, watching our own playful pup as fondly as if she were a child.
As it neared time to leave, the sun finally put in an appearance, laying pretty dappled patterns across the crunchy gravel path and softening the air. I took a few last shots, packed away my camera and we set off to Starbucks, our normal way to finish off each Sunday walk!
It was a very good afternoon indeed...



Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful, Lynette.
I don't quite know where that old pumping station is/was but your photos make me feel I've been home for a visit.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think derelict buildings are at their most beautiful when they are overrun by nature and being reclaimed by trees and foliage.

Catherine said...

Goodness ~ what a beautiful forest Lynette ~ but of course BC has so many more beautiful trees then Saskatchewan it wouldn't take much to impress me! :) Very lovely!

xo Catherine

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Absolutely, strikingly beautiful, every shot. I want to WALK on the path! You're lucky to have a place that like nearby. Love the "exclamation mark" tree - what a shot of green!Love the old concrete ruins.........a nice Sunday ramble with Meeghan. She looks so tiny in the photo:)

Lynn Richards said...

Fabulous, Lynette!!
Was it as much fun wandering where you were allowed to go as it is when you -ahem- can't see the no trespassing signs?
And to end it at starbucks. well. Perfection!

msdewberry said...

Never heard of Watershed Park, will have to look that up!! I like your photos, looks like a nice place to spend the day discovering!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Back again from up above -- just to tell you I love your blog; thanks for dropping in to FT-L; I'm so glad you did -- while we're on this roadtrip I haven't had much time at all to explore new virtual places (too busy with the real ones) so all I do is look at people who left a comment on ours. I'm so glad you did and I'll be back.