Friday, September 24, 2010

Sandy Shadows

All week long, our little dog waits patiently for Sunday. While she is walked several times each day, Sundays are for adventure, given over to shady groves, woodland trails and the joy of new things to explore!
We're fortunate to have many parks within easy reach. A favourite with us all is on the edge of the Fraser River, underneath the Patullo Bridge.
Its main appeal is a huge mountain of sand that borders the park. It is not picturesque sand in an idyllic beach setting, but is strictly utilitaran...a great mound piled onto an empty lot in an industrial site to prepare the ground for construction.
No matter...Meeghan and I love scampering through sandy dunes of any sort, (though it's more accurate to say she scampers and I plod clumsily behind her)!
I love to watch as long afternoon
shadows mark deep, dark creases across the dunes. The drifting sand with its peaks and swirls mimics perfectly the landscape of the world's great deserts.

I grab my camera to get pictures of Meeghan as she and her shadow lope happily across the rippled sand.







There is something about this sand that reminds me of the moon with its cool, pocked surface and oddly shaped formations. Of course, my imagination has a tendency to run away with itself.

I see much beauty in this cluster of weeds, the light tracing spindly shadows outward from each plant, as if penned by a calligraphic hand.
The shifting silver sand and sharp shadows are a perfect place to explore the play of light and dark that I so love.

Many thanks to 'Hey, Harriet' for hosting this Sunday event! To see more shadowy shots, do drop by her page at...


frayedattheedge said...

I love the shot of Meeghan running across the ripples!

Sylvia K said...

I, too, love the shot of Meeghan and the ripples! How fun! I also love the last shot with the green weeds growing in the sand, great shadows! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful. The blue-ish shot looks almost like snow! Wonderful play of light and shadow. Wonderful shots, as always. I love all of your explorations of the natural world. So much beauty, everywhere, even in a dump of sand at an industrial site! You have an artist's eye!

Dani said...

wow!!! Amazing pictures of a very unique place.
And the last is just perfect!

Thank you.
Happy SSS!

Kay L. Davies said...

Under the bridge. LOL. That was a very disreputable place at one time, especially after the Turf Hotel closed each night.
I'm so glad it is now a respectable park for pups and photographers to run on and daydream in.
Some of my earliest memories are of going across that bridge in a car, heading for my grandparents' summer place between Crescent Beach and Ocean Park. It seemed to be a long drive, and I know we stopped halfway (maybe because my little brother and I were getting irritable) at a cafe in the Newton area where I would put a nickel in the jukebox to play "The Frozen Logger"!
I love your photos, Lynette. Not only are they wonderful and beautiful, but so many of them evoke old memories.
-- K

bettyl said...

Awesome shots!

Olive Cooper said...

That is a great action shot of your dog! ♥O

Greyscale Territory said...

Love this variety of sand shots! But especially love the one of your little dog and her shadow happily enjoying the moment!

EG Wow said...

Id say you have a lucky dog...oh and your camera seems very happy too. :)

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous! I'd love to go for a walk there.

Brad Pitt is in Town, pssst! Have a great weekend!

Lynn Richards said...

These are lovely. I really like the starkness of the sand and then the beautiful, soft grass. And that looks like one HAPPY dog!!!

Hey Harriet said...

Go Meeghan go! That appears to be one very happy pooch! A lovely selection of sandy shadows! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

blogitse said...

Oh she's cute running around. What a lucky dog on Sundays - free to play and have fun. And you too!
Have a great week ahead!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It looks like great fun.

Have you noticed that it is always raining on our days off lately? And if you have to work, then it's sunny?

What's with life around the lower Mainland lately, LOL.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Annie said...

Meeghan's movement is as lively as the sand as it lightly drifts with the gentle touch of the breeze. These photos are magnetic.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You can see her doggy joy running across the sand!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

sand shadows—
soon erased by wind
and water

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

All great shots! It's funny that it's a pile of construction really does look like a natural dune area in your photos. Cool. What a happy day for Meeghan.

The Clip Cafe said...

I love your shots - so different to what i have seen so far - very nice, enjoyed it!

MySaggyButt said...

Your photos are breathtaking! The shot of Meeghan running in the sand is unique. The picture of your little Angel Yorkie is very sweet...I know you must miss her very much. Glad you stopped by my blog.