Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Secret Dream Party!

What is your secret dream?

When the clever and colourful Kelly from 'A Stuffed Life' issued an invitation to share our hearts desire with other dreamers, I was clear on what my deepest wish was!

From childhood on, I have dreamed of being a writer. The act of stringing together words that can touch the heart of a reader seems to me the most wonderful art form of all. Along with skill and practice, there is an element of magic in conjuring up words in a meaningful way, if one can only learn the secret.

As a lifetime reader, I have been so often tears; what power words have to inspire and transform! A mere twenty-six letters to use, yet weaving them together in the right combination makes wonderful things happen! I imagined myself the author of a series of adventure novels, and would have sought to emulate J.K. Rowling had Harry Potter existed when I was young.

I am not without some results to show for my sporadic attempts to write. I have had haiku published, and a series of my humourous articles made it into a local magazine for a short time. I even wrote half a romance novel that was well received by the publisher, except that I never finished the rest of it to send them as requested! It seems a meagre output..a sign of one who talks more about writing than she actually writes!

I saw Kelly’s Dream Party as my chance to own up to my secret fear that I might not make it as a writer! What then, if my lifelong dream eludes me? Writing is a muscle that atrophies when unused and I'm afraid mine may wither with despair! Still, I will persist!

I have looked at my life, at the things that matter most. Writing matters. Though I hesitate to call myself a writer, there is little I would like more. This is my resolve: I’m done with procrastination, with berating myself for past neglect! I will focus only on what I'm doing now, and on future plans. One goal is to be published in Somerset Studio or a sister publication. It will be a challenge, but setting my intention down for the world holds me more accountable to produce.
I started this blog in order to write. I may not be tackling lofty themes, or writing at great length, but the only way to be a writer is to write! Whether a little or a lot, the act of writing builds on its own momentum and words spring into a life of their own.
Blogging has so energized me that I've started a second site to document my travels. I’m posting photos of my trip to Africa currently, and am writing a descriptive narrative to weave around them in a way that lends a sense of place. If you get a chance, do check out the link to ‘The Imaginative Traveler’. One blog for home and one for my travels means I get twice the practice molding words into something entertaining!

I have even penned a birthday poem to myself, scheduled for posting on July 20th. It is not brilliant or serious, but it still requires me to put myself out there, something I have not always been brave enough to do. Thanks to the support of my warm and clever blogger friends, I am getting ever closer to becoming what I want to be when I grow up! I thank every one of you for the inspiration…
A special shout out to Kelly of ‘A Stuffed Life’ for hosting this lovely party! This is the link to her site if you want to learn more about this event, or just enjoy the delightful bears she makes. You’ll be glad you stopped by!
The picture above is of my home library...I did say I was a reader!


fawndear said...

Thank you so much for sharing your dream of being a writer. Someone who can weave words well makes reading enchanting. Love Books.
I think the first step is the hardest and you've done it. Congrats!
Happy Dreaming!


The Littlest Thistle said...

Thank you for sharing your dream, and I do hope you reach your publishing goal. As a teen I wrote all the time, my school friends consumed my stories eagerly, and yet none ever made it past a few chapters! Big dreams, never quite managed to carry them out lol.

Good luck



CHERI said...

Well, it is obvious from this post that you already are a talented writer. You can just tell when you read someone's words if they have it in them...and you DEFINITELY do! I, too, have always wanted to write but I know my limitations! Fellow teachers that I used to work with always got me to help them write things and they often complimented me, but my writing is still not up to a level where I believe I could sell something. I did get an article published in a little-known magazine awhile back but it was aimed at a particular monthly item that didn't require great skill! Now that I am retired (5 years now) I am still struggling to find my new place in the world. I hope you find yours!

CHERI said...

Oh...I forgot to ask. What is a "mail artist"? Sounds interesting.

BLISS angels said...

Dear Lynette.
I felt you wish, I never thought I could write That still a question for some debate.HA HA! But I try and I want you to still try.

Not everyone is a stephenie Meyer but do you know how lucky she was??? and it was luck she just happened to find a agents assistant who did'nt know that 130,000 words would equal 500 page she was lucky that she asked to read the rest.

For the rest of us we have to be happy with what we can acheive. The fact that you have been pubilshed. That is wonderful and something you should very proud of.

Keep going, write, some work may be terrible but some may be the next best seller and we all need to wish, and dream. Keep your dream alive.

Hugs Wendy form Blissangels

CHERI said...

So great hearing back from you. I had recently read something about the Trading Cards but didn't know it was also called mail art. Something I will definitely check into! Thanks for your reply.

Jorgelina said...

Wonderful to dream!

Lenora said...

Wow! Write, write, write.. that all we can say! Thanks for sharing your dreams so nice to connect! Come and be part of our Midsummer's Night Secret Dream
The Emerald Forest - Midsummer Dream

In the Light of the Moon said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely words today.I know it must have been hard to write them.But as your reader, I felt the change in your tone and the conviction in your heart.You already know what you have to do..and I for one believe in you.Warmest Regards,Cat

Netty said...

Thank you for writing this heart to heart, it seems to me you should start a journal of ambitions and see what you have achieved, this will give you confidence in yourself and spur you on. Well thats how I see it and I wish you so much luck in achieving everything thats important to you. Annette x

julietk said...

Thank you for sharing your Dream and so open heartedly too. I hope you find happyness in your endevours to realise it. I am enjoying writing since I started blogging and I had not really written since my school days. Great to meet you, Juliet

marilise said...

I am very very pround that you share your dream of being a writer with me . I am sure that you'll be the very very best one , just believe it with all your heart . Definitely I believe in you .... love Marilise

Kelly said...

I absolutely love your new blog, I have been following it with glee!

When you get that first book published I will be standing in line to get my autographed copy!

Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing your dream. I know you can do it!

Hugs, Kelly

Sherry Blue Sky said...

YES YOU CAN! You have always been a writer, you have the Gift.......the first book I envision is your trip to Africa. The narrative accompanying those spectacular photos IS PUBLISHABLE. Once that is out and you are back home after the book launch, maybe a lovely romance, something along the lines of Jane Ausetn to keep you busy thru the winter? hee hee.....DREAM BIG!!!!!! Now you have the time, finally, to be what you are - a most talented and creative writer and artist. We so enjoy both ofyour blogs, they are FANTASTIC!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

p.s. I so wish I had a library like yours! My books are all over the house and when I want to find a particular one I have to search all the shelves everywhere.........

Deanna said...

Oh how I love a good book. I've never heard it put quite the way you have, only 26 letters but put together correctly they can move us to tears, awe, fear, joy and so much more. You are definitely a writer at heart.

Miz said...

Thank you for sharing your dream with us (and your excellent book collection!) I also have a writing dream that often gets derailed, so I'm definitely pulling for you. Blog writing is a great way to get jumpstarted, for sure! I wish you much luck.

Surviving Grannie's Guide

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

From the day we first met I knew you had the soul of a writer. Every message, every post and every word has so much heart. You are a writer.

Bonnie said...

How nice to meet you and view your blog. You write beautifully. I will be back to visit and learn from you since I am now a follower.

Pursue your dream. I can't write but I can recognize those that can.

Thank you for your nice comments.

Susanne said...

"A mere twenty-six letters to use, yet weaving them together in the right combination makes wonderful things happen!" I love that! Your writing is 'beautiful', good luck with your renewed determination. No, one can never have too many books. I for one do not have enough space for books but getting rid of some is not the answer.
Enjoying your blog,

The Tin Rabbit said...

What a library you have! You ARE a writer! Thank you sharing a wonderful dream!